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Seeking things to smile at and relationships to smile in, those born on December 8th might be a bit rough around the edges until they fall in love. The importance of sexuality in their love life is grand, especially at a young age and before they learn that true listening comes from the heart and is the prerequisite for deep physical pleasure too.

Sharing comes naturally to these individuals, but they could have a hard time finding a partner who understands their appetite for giving. They want someone to train with, work with, and move with, and a soulmate who understands their need to risk while at the same time holding their feet on the ground. Rough and specific boundaries need to be established in each of their relationships, but their expression is to be tender and kind, although strict and direct. Sagittarius representatives born on December 8th excel in sports and active workplaces, dangerous adventures and moves that require a lot of energy.

Daily horoscope for Friday, December 8, 2017

They are strong and practical enough, yet inspired by higher forces and intelligent. They strive in workplaces where authorities are respected in a certain way, in the army or in a long existing system that a team of holders has been running for decades. Their initiative makes them a great leader, but only when their reach such status with hard work and dedication to a higher goal.

A trusting, sincere stone for those born on December 8th to enjoy is rhodolite garnet. It stimulates their intuition and enriches their world with inspiration, helping them feel protected, productive, and at the same time emotionally involved with people around them.


This crystal supports healthy sexual energies and stimulates metabolism, while mostly serving for emotional healing. It encourages love, compassion and self-worth, balancing the root and the heart chakra simultaneously and bringing protection for the most sensitive emotional issues. Although sporting equipment and the set of kitchen knives might be a very good option for Sagittarius representatives born on December 8th, their birthday gift will probably feel better if it is cozy, homey and soft.

They want something intimate, a collage of images from their trips, or something to validate your close bond in a frame. People born on this date fall in love easily but may have trouble committing to a relationship.

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December 8 natives project a certain arrogance, which tends to create problems with family. They often grow up in circumstances that invite combativeness and competition. This can create misunderstandings with siblings. Even if they don't become parents, they have excellent rapport with youngsters. The phrase "if it feels good, do it" was probably coined by somebody born on December 8.


Their happy, can-do attitude can banish tension, keep blood pressure low, and help them sleep well. When they feel under the weather, they prefer shopping to medicine. People born on this date may seem unable to hold a job, but this isn't the case. Taurus April May 20 Changes on the home front might take place today.

Birthday Horoscope December 8th Sagittarius, Persanal Horoscope for Birthdate December

Perhaps a new purchase, or unexpected company at the door, or surprising family news? You might nail down some future security in practical terms for yourself. See above. You might make long-range plans with a partner or close friend.

Whatever you do will safeguard your future in some way. This discussion will be practical with an eye to the long-term future. A boss or a parent might also surprise you with their suggestions. Avoid decisions during the Moon Alert.

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