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Find out which number baby you were. Click below to see your NHS story Continue. Last year, people had their life saved by a heart transplant — and generous organ donors.

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This year, that target was missed for the first time. Firstname, there are 8,, men and women in Britain today who experienced life here before the NHS.

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Below, you can read some of their memories and stories. No vaccinations, so measles, chicken pox and mumps were all treated at home. The introduction of the NHS was a miracle for us.

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Apparently when she first saw me I had a black eye and one arm in a sling. My father was then a low- ranking RAF serviceman, and that was almost a month's wages. We lived in dread of polio and in summer were often banned from swimming in case we caught it. On the odd occasion we saw an ambulance taking someone to the fever hospital there was worry for days.

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It was a great relief when the NHS arrived. That is all it takes. My mother got breast cancer in , just a year before the NHS arrived. We had to pay a doctor to have him tell us the worst news.

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She got sick very quickly and died, suffering, when I was People tend to take the NHS for granted now, but we must not forget how bad things were. Only public health advice was free and treatment of contagious diseases.

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