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The primary reason for this is that we do not breathe properly. Two reasons,. Breathing is just not the physical act of taking in air and then pushing out that air. Breathing is actually the action of 2 types of electricities, Prana which enters the body with energies from the universe and apan which sends out energies which are not needed from the body. The seat of consciousness of at the ajnya chakra. After this the prana gets distributed throughout the body.

This brings me to my favourite sukta, Amrit Sukta from the Rig veda. This is also recited as Rudra Laghu Nyasa. Both renditions are exceptionally beautiful, do listen to them sometime, it touches your soul. I have listened to them both for hours and hours on a loop.

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It does induce a trance, a light meditative state, it is very enjoyable. This is a very inadequate translation. Devbhasha Samskritam cannot be translated into other languages, because there are no corresponding words and the real meaning of sanskrit words involves intention too.

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These have to be felt and experienced. I use the website spokensanskrit. And this movement of energy happens only when you are the Dhyan state when all the pran has been withdrawn from all the other naadis of the bodies and now moves only inside the shushumna naadi. In this state of deep dhyan the breathing movement of the body stops, no air is exchanged. The ajnya chakra does not allocate this vital life force for bodily functions and organs of sense and action etc. The body may seem dead physically. This state is when samadhi can occur. It is also interesting that when we are sleeping, the ajnya chakra sends the prana energy to the top of the head, the dashangula sthana.

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Deep Sleep is a highly mysterious state which our scientists are trying to map with brainwaves and stuff. If they learn to see the prana flowing along the naadis all their research will be complete. And you can also learn to observe this high energy drama going on inside your own bodies, start by learning to see aura first, then try to observe the movements of the chakras in the palms, then the chakras and the naadis. Being an astrologer he is also a good man who hears people problem and give them simple remedies which everyone can do easily I think everyone must meet him altest once for there problem, I bet u will surely love him for his knowledge and skills..

Thank you Rajiv Rao Sharma sir.. Best astrologer that I have ever met. His predictions have been very appropriate for me and my family. Anyways, I would like to thank him for giving me so many helpful guidance and making me believe in astrology. You are just awesome! I met a true gentleman cum astrologer who famed but simple and helpful who provide entire quality astrology consulting at very affordable cost, Firstly i couldn't believe that how can possible but after consulting I realised that their fee very very low compared their knowledge then i asked him so they told me that their skills only for help people nothing else.

That think touched my heart, what a wonderful man staying in the compete and greedy world. After consulting I realised that I need to be shared my experienced with all. We are staying in Bangalore and associated with Pandit Rajiv Rao ji almost 2 years. He is able to guide us properly even if we are far distance away.

His sugesstion and approach to mitigate the problem are excellent. He is very polite and honest person. We will definitely recommend him.

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Thank you. Thank you very much for prescribing me such good remedies. I am really glad that I visited you. And your attitude towards your profession's ethics is worth mentioning! I wish you all the very best.

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I visited Pandit Rajiv Rao ji at short notice, whilst on a trip to Bangalore. He was very accommodating with my request to see him for a reading. What struck me was his warmth, kindness and professionalism. He has a real passion for astrology, and is forward with telling you about your past and your future - all of which has been true so far. I love Pandit Rajiv Rao ji's messages, as he stays in contact and offers advice and friendship.

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I feel that we have a connection, and that we will be friends for life. I would highly recommend Pandit Rajiv Rao ji to anyone. Don't hesitate to get in touch with him! Thank you Pandit ji, and keep up the great work!


Enter city. Search services or Business names. Register your business. Pandit Rajiv Rao Sharma 5. About Pandit Rajiv Rao Sharma. He believes in living up to the reputation of being one of the Top Indian astrologer in Bangalore, people who are stressed up their personal problems like family issues , love or relationship related problems , inconsistent in business, continuous health issues must visit pandit ji once to get ride of all problems Many celebrities and top business people have been regularly considering pandit ji,s advice before they take any important decisions and his advise has always taken them to success If you need any additional assistance or help, please feel free to contact India's famous Pandit Rajiv Rao Sharma.

Write Your Reviews. Full Name. Email id. Write review. Submit Review. User Reviews. Overall Ratings 5 based on 21 reviews. Raman 5 1 year ago My experience was awesome, as I have consulted almost all other astrologers in Bangalore and nearby but never gets such guidance.

Yashwant 5 1 year ago Pandit Rajiv is a man filled with compassion and wisdom. Atul yadav 5 1 year ago Rajiv Ji, first of all i would like to thank you for advice. Minakhshi 5 1 year ago Liked the service very much Accurate,Exact and relevant. Singh ab 5 1 year ago awesome experience Ratnesh kashyap 5 1 year ago Had a great experience speaking to Pandit ji.

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Hari haraji 5 1 year ago He was able to guide me around them and told me couples of solutions for the same. Sakhsi 5 1 year ago He was able to guide me around them and told me couples of solutions for the same.

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Govind 5 1 year ago Pandit Rajiv rao sharma is very friendly. Apurba 5 1 year ago Pandit Ji, thank you so much. Gokul 5 1 year ago I just love pandit ji.. Mamani 5 1 year ago He is an awesome man with amazing experience and core knowledge about astrology Sumit saini 5 1 year ago I think everyone must meet him altest once for there problem, I bet u will surely love him for his knowledge and skills..

Gopala 5 1 year ago Best astrologer that I have ever met.