Since Saturn has no dispositor besides himself, he is the final dispositor of the Moon and of Venus. At right is an example of a final dispositor which is not in its own sign. We start with Saturn simply because we picked Saturn and want to know about its dispositors. Because it is in Taurus, Venus is its dispositor.


Because Venus is in Sagittarius, Jupiter is her dispositor. Because Jupiter is in Cancer, the Moon is his dispositor. Because the Moon is in Libra, Venus is his dispositor. We already mentioned Venus in this chain! Therefore a closed loop will form with Venus as the focal point. This makes Venus the final dispositor.

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In this case we have traced the dispositors of four planets, Saturn, Venus, Jupiter and the Moon. We have discovered that Venus is the final dispositor of all of them. On this basis Venus gains considerable opportunity to exert what strength she possesses and influence the rest of the chart to cooperate with her intentions.

Finding the Final Dispositor

For the rest, best to meet him. You have a very cool site that I have been keeping up with for the last few months. Does the final dispositor have to be within two links of all planets to gain strength? A loop comes into play but would Venus be considered the Final? Like Like. Thanks Jjason. I am interested to know where you heard that the final dispositor should be within two links?

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I always look for patterns, and asked the question to see if it applied to all charts, regardless of how many links away the non-sign dispositor is. Very nice article. One question … Why are we looking for dispositorship? What purpose is it meant to serve? Its a good question.

The Dispositor Theory - Learning Astrology

Like Liked by 1 person. Dispositor - a planet which disposits, disposes of, or rules another because the other is in one of its areas of dignity. Dispositor A planet is a dispositor of another planet when it rules the sign it is in.

Dispositors of Planets - 1 - Astrology Basics 88

For example, if the Moon is in Libra , Venus would be the Moon's dispositor. This means the Moon would take on some qualities of Venus in the chart. Dissociate aspect - An aspect within orb but out of sign. Dissociation disperses and thus weakens the strength or focus of an aspect. The Dragons Tail Catabibazon.

What is a “Dispositor”?

For example, Mercury in Taurus is dis posited by Venus, the natural planetary ruler of Taurus. For example, if Saturn is in Aries , then Mars is the dispositer of Saturn, since Mars is the lord of the sign in which Saturn is placed. Suppose in a natal chart the Sun is placed in the sign Libra ruled by Venus. Bhasin Get in USA When a dasa lord or any planet, for that matter is not in its own sign, then its strength is strongly influenced by the placement of the planet that rules the sign it is in.

This is especially true of exalted planets.